Dear Living Room friends,

We’ve enjoyed the smiles, stories, and all the wonderful times together, but now after nearly a decade, our lives have changed and we’re no longer in Taipei to keep the Living Room open.

We started this place for creative types to hang out, have some great homemade food, see some up and coming acts, and make new friends. Our goal was to provide a little creative shelter for those who wanted a cool place to hangout. I think we’ve succeeded as we’ve seen many friendships and endeavors blossom from our little stage, and are happy for the many bands and performers who have used our stage as a stepping stone.

Our thanks to all of you for your support over the years, and we hope everyone has a memory where they can say “I remember seeing this great show once at the Living Room…”

With our fondest thanks,

Irene and Corbett

PS: Please take a look at our Archives to see some of the interesting events that have happened here since we put this site up.